February 4, 2009

Solaris 9 and SVM diskset autoimport

Posted in Solaris tagged , , , , , at 11:49 pm by alessiodini

Recently i created on  Solaris 9 three disksets and i configured autoimport. After reboot i had a problem with metadevices. The disksets wasn’t imported , why ?
I veryfied the status of one diskset:

# metaset -s ppmi-dg | head

Set name = ppmi-dg, Set number = 1

Host                Owner
system01           No (auto)

How is possible?
During my researchs i founded that SVM starts before the fabric LUNs are accessible.
I updated /etc/system with this entry:

set fcp:ssfcp_enable_auto_configuration = 1

This entry changes how Solaris discovers fabric SAN luns. Any fabric LUNs will automatically be discovered and device nodes created.

After reboot all worked fine


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