March 3, 2009

Creation of VxFS volume and VxFS filesystem

Posted in Veritas at 9:46 pm by alessiodini

The creation of a VxFS volume is very simple.

bash-3.00# vxdisk list
c0t1d0s2 auto:cdsdisk rootdg01 rootdg online

I have a dg called rootdg. Now i create a VxFS volume:

bash-3.00# vxassist -g rootdg make rootdg01-vol 5g
bash-3.00# mkfs -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/rootdg01-vol
version 6 layout
10485760 sectors, 5242880 blocks of size 1024, log size 16384 blocks
largefiles supported

I don’t use newfs because it creates a ufs filesystem structure.

bash-3.00# mkdir /veritas
bash-3.00# mount -F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/rootdg/rootdg01-vol /veritas
bash-3.00# fstyp /dev/vx/dsk/rootdg/rootdg01-vol


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