March 11, 2009

looking charset with localeadm command

Posted in Solaris at 3:57 pm by alessiodini

Today a dba asked me what type of charset is installed on the system.
For a new installation of Oracle is required a specific charset
I verified this information with localeadm command:

localeadm -c -l

The following regions are installed on system57 on Thu Mar 11 16:21:33 CET 2009


Southern Europe (seu)
[ ca_ES.ISO8859-1, ca_ES.ISO8859-15, ca_ES.UTF-8, el_CY.UTF-8, el_GR.ISO8859-7, el_GR.UTF-8, en_MT.UTF-8, es_ES.ISO8859-1, es_ES.ISO8859-15, es_ES.UTF-8, it_IT.ISO8859-1, it_IT.ISO8859-15, it_IT.UTF-8, mt_MT.UTF-8, pt_PT.ISO8859-1, pt_PT.ISO8859-15, pt_PT.UTF-8 ]

A copy of this report can be found in /var/sadm/system/data/locales.list


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