March 24, 2009

Removing Sun Cluster Framework

Posted in Sun Cluster at 10:04 pm by alessiodini

Today i’m deleting a sun cluster framework on two nodes cluster.
I previously deleted all metaset and then booted the nodes in -x mode.
After this operations i moved the /etc/cluster directory in /etc/cluster.old
and i ran scinstall command with -r option.

This is the comlete output:

asuka>scinstall -r

Removing the “cluster” switch from “hosts” in /etc/nsswitch.conf … done

Removing the “cluster” switch from “netmasks” in /etc/nsswitch.conf … done

** Removing Sun Cluster data services packages **
Removing SUNWscapc…done
Removing SUNWscdns…done
Removing SUNWscnfs…done
Removing SUNWscor….done
Removing SUNWsczone..done
Removing SUNWscdhc…done
Removing SUNWscmys…done
Removing SUNWscsge…done
Removing SUNWscsps…done
Removing SUNWscsmb…done
Removing SUNWsctomcatdone

** Removing Sun Cluster framework packages **
Removing SUNWscspmr..done
Removing SUNWscspmu..done
Removing SUNWscspm…done
Removing SUNWscva….done
Removing SUNWscmasau.done
Removing SUNWscmasar.done
Removing SUNWmdmu….done
Removing SUNWmdmr….done
Removing SUNWscvm….done
Removing SUNWscsam…done
Removing SUNWscsal…done
Removing SUNWscman…done
Removing SUNWscgds…done
Removing SUNWscdev…done
Removing SUNWscnmu…done
Removing SUNWscnmr…done
Removing SUNWscscku..done
Removing SUNWscsckr..done
Removing SUNWscu…..done
Removing SUNWscr…..done

Removing the following:
/dev/global …
/dev/md/shared …
/dev/did …
/devices/pseudo/did@0:* …

The /etc/inet/ntp.conf file has not been updated.
You may want to remove it or update it after uninstall has completed.

The /var/cluster directory has not been removed.
Among other things, this directory contains
uninstall logs and the uninstall archive.
You may remove this directory once you are satisfied
that the logs and archive are no longer needed.

Log file – /var/cluster/uninstall/uninstall.1192/log

After removing /var/cluster directory i rebooted the nodesa

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