March 27, 2009

Adding resource type after a cluster installation

Posted in Sun Cluster at 6:49 pm by alessiodini

Yesterday i installed a sun cluster 3.1 update 4 on two systems.
After the installation i had only two resource type registered:


I added the other resource type going to /usr/cluster/lib/rgm/rtreg and then add any file as follow:

SUNW.Event SUNW.LogicalHostname SUNW.apache SUNW.nfs SUNW.oracle_server
SUNW.HAStorage SUNW.RGOffload SUNW.dns SUNW.oracle_listener SUNW.scmasa
SUNW.HAStoragePlus SUNW.SharedAddress SUNW.gds SUNW.oracle_rac_server
asuka>for i in *;
> do
> scrgadm -a -t $i
> done
LogicalHostname: resource type exists; cannot create
SharedAddress: resource type exists; cannot create

I verified the rt with scrgadm command:

asuka>scrgadm -pvv | grep -i “res type name”
Res Type name: SUNW.LogicalHostname:2
Res Type name: SUNW.SharedAddress:2
Res Type name: SUNW.Event
Res Type name: SUNW.HAStorage
Res Type name: SUNW.HAStoragePlus:2
Res Type name: SUNW.RGOffload
Res Type name: SUNW.apache:4
Res Type name: SUNW.dns:3.1
Res Type name: SUNW.gds:5
Res Type name: SUNW.nfs:3.1
Res Type name: SUNW.oracle_listener:5
Res Type name: SUNW.oracle_rac_server:5
Res Type name: SUNW.oracle_server:5
Res Type name: SUNW.scmasa


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