March 27, 2009

Scrubing Sun Cluster keys

Posted in Sun Cluster at 7:02 pm by alessiodini

On this lab-cluster i have a quorum device with reservation keys.
If i want scrub these keys i must use pgre command because the quorum device it’s scsi-2 type and doesn’t support scsi command natively.

I verify the keys:

#pgre -c pgre_inkeys -d /dev/did/rdsk/d3s0

For scrub i use:

#pgre -c pgre_scrub -d /dev/did/rdsk/d3s2

Scrubbing complete. Use ‘/usr/cluster/lib/sc/pgre -c pgre_inkeys -d /dev/did/rdsk/d3s2’
to verify success.

#pgre -c pgre_inkeys -d /dev/did/rdsk/d3s2
No keys registered.

The keys were deleted


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