April 6, 2009

ulimit -n and ulimit -s with Solaris 10 projects

Posted in Solaris at 10:14 am by alessiodini

With Solaris 10 is possible create and configure a project for a single or multiple users.
Use ulimit command for changing his options is legacy.
Today i received an e-mail with a request for a permanent change of number of file descpritors(4096) and maximum size of stack segment(32768) for ora10, ora10-ip, oratws users in a local zone.

I created a project called user.oracle :

>projadd -U ora10,ora10-ip,oratws -K “process.max-stack-size=(priv,32768,deny)” -K “process.max-file-descriptor=(priv,4096,deny)” user.oracle

The result is:

>projects -l user.oracle
projid : 100
comment: “”
users : ora10
groups : (none)
attribs: process.max-file-descriptor=(priv,4096,deny)


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