April 20, 2009

Change ip-type property in Solaris 10 local zone

Posted in Solaris at 1:04 pm by alessiodini

today i changed on local zones ip-type from exclusive to shared.
This was very simple!
The steps are:

1) halt the local zone
2) remove all configured network interface
3) change ip-type property from exclusive to shared
4) add shared network interface

I ran:


zoneadm -z locale01 halt


zonecfg -z locale01
zonecfg:locale01> remove net physical=ce0
zonecfg:locale01> remove net physical=ce3


zonecfg -z locale01
zonecfg:locale01> set ip-type=shared


zonecfg -z locale01
zonecfg:locale01> add net
zonecfg:locale01:net> set address=x.x.x.x
zonecfg:locale01:net> set physical=ce0
zonecfg:locale01:net> end


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  1. ip changer said,

    It is better to change our static ip address regularly for safe use.

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