May 4, 2009

Take a snapshot of the resources on Sun Cluster 3.1

Posted in Sun Cluster at 10:50 am by alessiodini

Sun Cluster 3.1 has a nice utility called scsnapshot.
With this command is possibile take a full image of the cluster ( resource type , resource group , resources)
creating a script as backup!

This is an example:

root@LOY2 # cd /sun-temp
root@LOY2 # scinstall -p
root@LOY2 # scsnapshot -s
Parsing the CCR data… This may take a while
Wrote script file

Good !!
There are some lines of

# loy-rg
run_cmd “$SCRGADM -a -g loy-rg -h \”LOY2,LOY1\” -y rg_project_name=\”default\” -y rg_mode=\”Failover\””


# Resource definitions

echo “[INFO] : Add new Resource definitions:”

# loy-lh
run_cmd “$SCRGADM -a -L -g loy-rg -j loy-lh -l LOYDB -n ipmp0@2,ipmp0@1 -y resource_project_name=\”default\””


This script is powerful !


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