May 19, 2009

Retrieve ZFS zpool history commands

Posted in ZFS at 2:08 pm by alessiodini

For this purpose i can use “zpool history” command as follow:


oot@global02 # zpool history rootdg_sc111
History for ‘rootdg_sc111’:
2008-09-23.12:00:56 zpool create rootdg_sc111 c16t60060E8005637A000000637A0000011Ed0
2008-09-23.12:01:01 zfs create rootdg_sc111/fs_sc111
2008-09-23.12:01:02 zfs set mountpoint=/mnt_sc111 rootdg_sc111/fs_sc111
2009-02-25.18:18:14 zpool export rootdg_sc111
2009-02-25.18:18:48 zpool import rootdg_sc111
2009-04-09.14:46:31 zfs snapshot rootdg_sc111/fs_sc111@now

This is powerful!
I can see how this pool and filesystem were created!


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