September 14, 2009

Solaris 10: creation of flash archive

Posted in Solaris at 4:36 pm by alessiodini

On this system i must create a flash archive for backup.
Creating a flar is simple , in this case i use flarcreate command as follow:

flarcreate -n soapbo01fs_archive -c -x /mnt1 -S /mnt1/flar_soapbo01fs

-n soapbo01fs_archive = the name of Flash archive
-c = the archive is compressed
-x /mnt1 = excludes /mnt1 ( in this case i use this directory as location of archive )
-S = do not include size information ( without this the creation of archive is quickly )
/mnt1/flar_soapbo01fs = the location where the archive is created


# flarcreate -n soapbo01fs_archive -c -x /mnt1 -S /mnt1/flar_soapbo01fs
Full Flash
Checking integrity…
Integrity OK.
Running precreation scripts…
Precreation scripts done.
Creating the archive…
12023253 blocks
Archive creation complete.
Running postcreation scripts…
Postcreation scripts done.

Running pre-exit scripts…
Pre-exit scripts done.


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