September 15, 2009

Live Upgrade: Template entry -:/dev/dsk/c0t2d0s1:swap skipped.

Posted in Solaris at 9:46 am by alessiodini

I encountered this error during a live upgrade activity.
After running lucreate command i had this error:

Discovering physical storage devices
Discovering logical storage devices
Cross referencing storage devices with boot environment configurations
Determining types of file systems supported
Validating file system requests
Preparing logical storage devices
Preparing physical storage devices
Configuring physical storage devices
Configuring logical storage devices
Analyzing system configuration.
No name for current boot environment.
Current boot environment is named .
Creating initial configuration for primary boot environment .
The device is not a root device for any boot environment; cannot get BE ID.
PBE configuration successful: PBE name PBE Boot Device .
Comparing source boot environment file systems with the file
system(s) you specified for the new boot environment. Determining which
file systems should be in the new boot environment.
Updating boot environment description database on all BEs.
Searching /dev for possible boot environment filesystem devices

Template entry -:/dev/dsk/c0t2d0s1:swap skipped.

luconfig: ERROR: Template filesystem definition failed for -, all devices are not applicable..
ERROR: Configuration of boot environment failed.

During my analsyis i found that c0t2d0s1 doesn’t have tag “swap” but “unassigned”.
I changed in swap , obtaining from format:

1 swap wu 5141 – 6683 3.00GB (1543/0/0) 6295440

I tried to run lucreate and all was fine!!!

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