October 29, 2009

Solaris: obtaining kernel patch date

Posted in Solaris at 10:04 am by alessiodini

Obtaining kernel patch release date without sunsolve is possible!
On running system i can run these commands:

grep Date /var/sadm/patch/`uname -v | cut -f2 -d’_’ `/README.*|awk ‘{print $2}’


# grep Date /var/sadm/patch/`uname -v | cut -f2 -d’_’ `/README.*|awk ‘{print $2}’

Today i upgrade this system 🙂



  1. ircguru said,

    Nice Post, btw do you know any good usenet archives and or mailing list archives site for unix / linux / bsd

    • alessiodini said,

      i sometimes write on google groups *nix list , i suggest them to you!

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