February 26, 2010

Solaris 10 ssd_max_throttle

Posted in Solaris at 3:40 pm by alessiodini

In these days i’m working with Gianluca on a two node cluster issues.
This cluster is composited as follow:

– Solaris 10
– VxVm 4.1
– Sun Cluster 3.1u4
– MpxIO & DMP , both activated
– Two storage Hitachi

We found that on each node is configured the ssd_max_throttle option , with 8 value.
During analysis Gianluca has discovered that DMP already has his internal throttle configuration!

So , we verified that in this case DMP throttle overwrites ssd_max_throttle option configured on Solaris.
For disable DMP’s throttoling must be used the vxdmpadm command , with this syntax:

vxdmpadm setattr \ {enclosure enc-name|arrayname name|arraytype type}\ recoveryoption=nothrottle



  1. Luis said,

    Hi there,
    U talk about sd or ssd parameter ?!?

    • alessiodini said,

      in my case i talk about sd_max_throttle , but i think that ssd can be overwritten by DMP.
      Do you have performance problems on your environment?

  2. Luis said,

    No luckily…but MPXIO work just on leadville driver ( ssd ) , your case is strange ‘couse u have mpxio on sd device , ask your mate Gianluca maybe he can explain u that .

  3. alessiodini said,

    gianluca says that in our case is ssd_max_throttle. You right ! i update the post , thanks

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