March 8, 2010

Solaris: poor LUN device name

Posted in Solaris at 10:33 pm by alessiodini

Today i’m working with Gianluca for a mission critical – two nodes cluster restore.

During our analysis we found that two devices are seen poor from Solaris format command:

c3t4849544143484920443630483733343530303135\376\370^N d0s0 <drive not available: reserved>
c3t4849544143484920443630483733343530303037\376\376^N d0s2 <drive type unknown>

we obtain “drive not available: reserved”  because this LUN is managed by other cluster node and this node actually is booted as standalone.

In this situation , the DID device also are poor for these two devices.

We tried to unconfigure and configure controller devices through cfgadm command , without success.
We tried a boot -r , without success.

Gianluca finally tried to remove manually these devices under /dev/rdsk.
Then he has used devfsadm for the creation… the problem is solved!

Now we must update DID devices through scdidadm/scgdevs commands


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