April 26, 2010

Sun Cluster 3.0 : node is in an invalid state.

Posted in Sun Cluster at 12:41 pm by alessiodini

Today i’m working on this problem.
The environment is :

– Solaris 8
– Sun Cluster 3.0 ( 2 cluster nodes )
– VxVM 3.5

During switch of resource group i have seen some errors.
I have tried to switch a diskgroup:

#scswitch -z -D info-dg -h system2

node is in an invalid state.

On system messages i have read:

system2 Cluster.Framework: [ID 801593 daemon.error] stderr: Disk group info-dg: import failed: No valid disk found containing disk group

Device group info-dg changes every time to offline.

After resolved problems affecting some LUN , i have done:

scswitch -m -D info-dg ( changed to maintenance mode )
vxdg -Ctf import info-dg ( manually imported for test )
vxdg deport info-dg ( manually deported )
scswitch -z -D info-dg -h system2 ( disk group activated through cluster on node system2 )
scswitch -z -g info-rg -h system2 ( resource group activated on node system2 )

Problem solved !


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