May 11, 2010

Solaris: obtaining uname info through mdb

Posted in Solaris at 11:25 am by alessiodini

Today i’m working on a Solaris 9 issue.
It seems that uname -a commad shows incorrect patch number release.

I found another command for verify patch level , mdb !

echo “$<utsname" |mdb -k
utsname: sys SunOS
utsname+0x101: node lab01
utsname+0x202: release 5.9
utsname+0x303: version Generic_118558-09
utsname+0x404: machine sun4u

I think that both commands don’t are same source consumer.

Uname is defined as follow ( from man page ):

The uname() function uses the utsname structure, defined in , whose members include:

char sysname[SYS_NMLN];
char nodename[SYS_NMLN];
char release[SYS_NMLN];
char version[SYS_NMLN];
char machine[SYS_NMLN];

mdb is /dev/kmem , /dev/ksyms consumer


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