June 17, 2010

pam_unix_cred: cannot load ttyname Error 0

Posted in Solaris at 3:45 pm by alessiodini

Today i worked with Gianluca on some systems affected by authentication problem.
We obtained the following error:

Jun 17 13:48:02 system01 login: pam_unix_cred: cannot load ttyname Error 0

after connecting on local zone and putting username/password.

After analsys we found that recently someone has changed local hostname ( not zonename ) and /etc/hosts was not updated properly.


  1. chankle said,

    Thank you for this blog entry. Saved me many hours of troubleshooting.

    • alessiodini said,

      thank you for visit my blog! ;)

    • RR said,

      but how did you change the /etc/host file without login successful. I am facing the same issue but not able to login to the box.

      • alessiodini said,

        i logged to the local zone from the global zone!
        After i updated /etc/hosts entry.
        Let me know ,

      • RR said,

        it didnt work for as I dont have anyother access to the box other than console and this error is coming while logging into console.

      • alessiodini said,

        well when u log into console stop syslog first!

  2. Christopher said,

    Did you ever figure this out RR? I’m stuck at console as well.

    • Ryan said,

      Hi, Did you get a solution to this? I’m having the same problem right now…

      Thanks, Ryan

      • alessiodini said,

        sure I did , I found that someone changed local hostname ( not zonename ) and /etc/hosts was not updated properly.

  3. smitty8 said,

    If you have a Solaris system you can to a boot -F failsafe and then mount the rpool on /a, the system will ask you if you want to do this and once it mounts, cd to the /a/etc directory and make your edits on the hosts file, update the rpool boot archive and reboot the system normally. You should be fine now.

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