June 23, 2010

dtrace probe for sun cluster

Posted in Dtrace at 11:16 am by alessiodini

I’m still looking for documentation about probes on sun cluster environment.
Today i have seen that:

dtrace -l | grep cluster
70291 fbt cl_haci cluster_get_quorum_status entry
70292 fbt cl_haci cluster_get_quorum_status return
70365 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_remove_path entry
70366 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_remove_path return
70373 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_remove_node entry
70374 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_remove_node return
70671 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_get_orb_abort_timeout entry
70672 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_get_orb_abort_timeout return
70723 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_add_quorum_device entry
70724 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_add_quorum_device return
71579 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_get_path entry
71580 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_get_path return
72492 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_add_path entry
72493 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_add_path return
72494 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_add_node entry
72495 fbt cl_haci clconf_cluster_add_node return

And i have seen something about pxfs:

dtrace -l | grep pxfs
93612 fbt cl_dcs __1cbR_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_page_map_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93613 fbt cl_dcs __1cbR_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_page_map_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93614 fbt cl_dcs __1cbQ_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_remount_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93615 fbt cl_dcs __1cbQ_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_remount_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93616 fbt cl_dcs __1ccJ_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_remove_file_locks_by_nlmid_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93617 fbt cl_dcs __1ccJ_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_remove_file_locks_by_nlmid_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93618 fbt cl_dcs __1ccJ_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_remove_file_locks_by_sysid_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93619 fbt cl_dcs __1ccJ_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_remove_file_locks_by_sysid_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93620 fbt cl_dcs __1cbP_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_target_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93621 fbt cl_dcs __1cbP_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_target_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93622 fbt cl_dcs __1cbS_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_vx_tunefs_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93623 fbt cl_dcs __1cbS_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_vx_tunefs_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93624 fbt cl_dcs __1cbY_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_service_version_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93625 fbt cl_dcs __1cbY_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_service_version_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93626 fbt cl_dcs __1cbS_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_deletecnt_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry
93627 fbt cl_dcs __1cbS_repl_pxfs_fs_replica_ckpt_deletecnt_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ return
93628 fbt cl_dcs __1cbW_repl_pxfs_mount_replica_ckpt_add_client_receive6FpvrnHservice__v_ entry

It seems that it’s very complex use pxfs’s probes but with good documentation and knowledge they can be used for troubleshooting.
Pls someone publish documentation !!!


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