November 5, 2010

Sun Cluster 3.2: HA ZFS

Posted in Sun Cluster at 10:44 am by alessiodini

Recently i configured some HA zpool with Sun Cluster 3.2

Follow the steps for one of them:

1)I have did d5 located on shared LUN

# cldev list -v d5
DID Device Full Device Path
———- —————-
d5 nodo2:/dev/rdsk/c2t600144F04CC554A100000C29A5674000d0
d5 nodo1:/dev/rdsk/c2t600144F04CC554A100000C29A5674000d0

2) creation of zpool zonepool

zpool create zonepool c2t600144F04CC554A100000C29A5674000d0

3) i want see some flag before clustering. One of them is cachefile:

# zpool get all zonepool | grep cachefile
zonepool cachefile – default

4) i change dataset’s mountpoint:

# zfs set mountpoint=/zone1 zonepool

5) Creation of resource group zone-rg

clrg create test-rg

6) Creation of resource zone-hast

# clrs create -g test-rg -t HAStoragePlus -p Zpools=zonepool zone-hast

7) After step 6 i check cachefile flag and i can clearly see that it was changed in:

cachefile /var/cluster/run/HAStoragePlus/zfs/zonepool.cachefile local

8) resource group is online and managed 🙂

# clrg online -M zone-rg



  1. david said,


  2. bet365 said,

    hello I was fortunate to discover your subject in google
    your post is superb
    I learn much in your subject really thank your very much
    btw the theme of you site is really fine
    where can find it

  3. Stefan said,

    Hi Alessio

    I have just found your blog and I like it very much.

    Can you confirm, that the HAStoragePlus rescource typ does not monitor the Zpool which means that e.g. a loss of the storage connectivity of a cluster node would not be detected by the cluster ? I still haven’t found any decent documentation regarding this topic.


    • alessiodini said,

      Hi and thanks for write me.
      Reading some documentation i founded that this feature begins with 3.3 release.
      Anyway i want do some test on my laptop with virtual machines.
      I will make HA filesystem and i will try to umount it first. After i will do some other test.
      I will tell you what happened !

  4. Donald said,

    Dear Alessio,
    Thanks for the sharing, it is really useful!!
    I would like to know what are the differences between using SUNW.nfs and without SUNW.nfs. I saw a lots of website mention about using SUNW.nfs.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • alessiodini said,

      Sorry for the delay of this reply , i was in vacation 😉
      Do you mean about nfs with ZFS ?

  5. vikrant said,

    Hi Alessiodini,

    Now sun cluster 3.3 is working fine for me. I posted the comment on your blog earlier, regarding configuration help for that.

    As cluster is working fine for me, i started playing with it. Node3 and Node4 are two node of clusters. I am newbie to SUN cluster.

    I created one resource group and added on zpool(pool1) as a resource in it with help of clsetup. Now when i am switching mypool from Node3 to Node4 but zpool is not getting imported and exported along with resource group.

    Node4# clrg status

    === Cluster Resource Groups ===

    Group Name Node Name Suspended Status
    ———- ——— ——— ——
    mypool Node3 No Offline
    Node4 No Online
    Node4# zpool list
    pool1 1.05G 116K 1.05G 0% ONLINE –

    After issuing,, Node4# clrg switch -n Node3 mypool

    Node3# clrg status

    === Cluster Resource Groups ===

    Group Name Node Name Suspended Status
    ———- ——— ——— ——
    mypool Node3 No Online
    Node4 No Offline

    Node3# zpool list
    no pools available

    pool is still on Node4 not on Node3 i am expecting it to come on Node3.

    Thanks in Advance,

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