November 29, 2010

Etude: Solaris migration p2v

Posted in Solaris at 10:03 am by alessiodini

Last week i went to Milan for a spot activity.
I worked on a migration of 2 clusters ( Solaris 8 – sc3.0 , Solaris 9 – sc3.1u2 ) from legacy systems to branded zones on Sun Enterprise M9000.

It was very fun !!
Follow the step of one installation:

root@global1 # zoneadm -z system1 install -p -a system1.flar
Log File: /var/tmp/system1.install.10623.log
Source: system1.flar
Installing: This may take several minutes…
Postprocessing: This may take several minutes…

Result: Installation completed successfully.
Log File: /zones/system1/root/var/log/system1.install.10623.log




  1. mauro said,

    Hi Alessio,
    have you found any issue during the flar process on these old systems
    I mean issues about flarcreate execution, flar image size ?
    I should perform the same task but with the extra step of replacing the Suncluster with a Veritas cluster !

    • alessiodini said,

      Hi and thank you for visit my blog;)
      I never found any issue during the flar process.
      If you can , just check if you have to install some flar patch, that’s what we looked before that task.
      And if you can , try it on some test environment!
      Cluster migration is another step

      • mauro said,

        HI Alessio
        Thank you for reply ,I profit of your experience to ask you :
        in order to clean the flar from the suncluster is it enough to remove the SC packages and the files under /etc/cluster/ ?
        thanks !

      • alessiodini said,

        This is a nice question 🙂
        I think you have two ways:

        1) Remove the framework before the flar
        2) Remove the framework after the flar

        What will u do depends about your possibilities !
        Let me know because i never did a task like this and it’s interesting

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