March 22, 2011

Sun Cluster 3.3 and oracle listener in branded zone

Posted in Sun Cluster at 4:55 pm by alessiodini

Today i worked for the first time on Sun Cluster 3.3 , i was very excited 😀
The customer had some issue on a HA listener inside the branded zone , managed by Sun Cluster 3.3

I saw that this listener was configured with SUNW.gds resource type.
I was very surprised and i founded that this gds:

– starts with /opt/SUNWsczone/sczsh/bin/start_sczsh command
– stops with /opt/SUNWsczone/sczsh/bin/stop_sczsh command

These parameters take info from pfiles directory where is specified which script files are used from the cluster for start/stop/probe the resource.These scripts are inside in the local zone

Now i’m studying the resources here , for learn how they was maked 🙂

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