May 20, 2011

Sun Cluster 3.2 experiment: boot two nodes without quorum device

Posted in Sun Cluster at 2:51 pm by alessiodini

Recently i did some experiment on my vmware toy-cluster where i have:

– two cluster nodes ( Solaris 10 – Sun Cluster 3.2u3 )
– quorum server on third system

I tried to boot both nodes with quorum server offline. In order i saw:

1) node1 tries to boot and he waits another node for form the cluster ( it’s ok cos the requirement to form/maintain a cluster is to have more than 50% of possible votes )

2) node2 joins the cluster ( in this moment the cluster haves 2 votes , more than 50% ). After some second both nodes panic because they lost quorum device. This was unexpectedly for me.

Thinking to this i worked a couple of days ago to a customer with similar scenario. They physically moved 12 systems from one location to another. We had Sun Cluster 3.0 , Solaris 8 and VxVM 3.2. On of three cluster booted up without any quorum device, and other 2 cluster were not able to do this.

My questions here are:

1) Why on my laptop both nodes panic during the boot? I think this is due to prevent something like amnesia.
2) Why 2 days ago i saw an older Sun Cluster that booted up in same scenario correctly?




  1. Hi Alessiodini,
    If More than two node cluster configured, then it doesn’t need the quorum device since with it has given more than 50% of possible votes… but in real world I always using quorum device although it configured with 2 more nodes cluster.

    • alessiodini said,

      Hi šŸ™‚
      I agree with you but i saw some cluster that was not able to boot without quorum device.
      I’m still asking to myself why šŸ˜‰

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