February 21, 2012

Veritas Volume Manager: how to add multiple disks to diskgroup in 1 line

Posted in Veritas at 2:25 pm by alessiodini

Today i’m working with VxVM , doing basiscs activities. One of them is to add multiple disks to a diskgroup called system1-dg.

For this purpose i was funny making 1line command.

These are disks before initialization ( just visible due to vxdctl enable command ):

Disk_177 auto – – error
Disk_178 auto – – error
Disk_179 auto – – error
Disk_180 auto – – error
Disk_181 auto – – error
Disk_182 auto – – error
Disk_183 auto – – error
Disk_184 auto – – error
Disk_185 auto – – error
Disk_186 auto – – error
Disk_187 auto – – error
Disk_188 auto – – error
Disk_189 auto – – error
Disk_190 auto – – error
Disk_191 auto – – error
Disk_192 auto – – error
Disk_193 auto – – error
Disk_194 auto – – error
Disk_195 auto – – error

I ran this 1line and i obtained:

Disk_177 auto Disk_177 system-dg online
Disk_178 auto Disk_178 system-dg online
Disk_179 auto Disk_179 system-dg online
Disk_180 auto Disk_180 system-dg online
Disk_181 auto Disk_181 system-dg online
Disk_182 auto Disk_182 system-dg online
Disk_183 auto Disk_183 system-dg online
Disk_184 auto Disk_184 system-dg online
Disk_185 auto Disk_185 system-dg online
Disk_186 auto Disk_186 system-dg online
Disk_187 auto Disk_187 system-dg online
Disk_188 auto Disk_188 system-dg online
Disk_189 auto Disk_189 system-dg online
Disk_190 auto Disk_190 system-dg online
Disk_191 auto Disk_191 system-dg online
Disk_192 auto Disk_192 system-dg online
Disk_193 auto Disk_193 system-dg online
Disk_194 auto Disk_194 system-dg online
Disk_195 auto Disk_195 system-dg online

Cool and quick 🙂


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