May 28, 2012

First thoughts about VMware 5

Posted in VMware at 11:00 pm by alessiodini

I’m taking a course on VMware VCP 5.0. I followed just a couple of days and soon i will follow the last four days ( half June ). During the “pause” i have the access to the VMware labs!! I have to create a new virtual infrastructure from the beginning , i just have a first ESX already installed.
Anyway i want use this chance for learn much as possible about VMware and share my tasks/experiments on this blog !
Soon i will publish some basic task about VMware vSphere 5.0
I hope to get the certification after the course and work on it extending y know-how 😀

The first two days we saw:
– virtualization concepts
– new features with VMware 5.0
– VMware components overview
– guest’s file configuration
– datastores
– virtual switches
– vCenter Server ( as virtual appliance and application hosted on a system )
– virtual machine creation

With the lab i have to create a new infrastructure with:
– Openfiler Linux as storage/NAS/NFS/Iscsi server
– vCenter Server
– 2x ESXi
– at least one guest
– network virtual switches

I’m so excited 😀


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