March 20, 2013

SLES 11 SP2: Ext4 readonly mount

Posted in Linux at 10:30 am by alessiodini

Yesterday i was doing some test on my SLES 11 for SAP.
I was trying to mount an ext4 filesystem on /mnt.

During the mount i saw the message:

mount: warning: /mnt seems to be mounted read-only

I was surprised to see that message , so i tought about some problem with lvm or iSCSi ( i maked a volume group on a disk via iSCSi ).

Looking the system messages i saw this:

Mar 19 15:59:19 suse1 kernel: [ 1147.951164] EXT4-fs (dm-2): ext4 is supported in read-only mode only

Now it was clear! I understand too why SLESS 11 had the root filesystem on ext3 🙂



  1. Eduardo Diaz said,

    Is about the ext4 bug

    But you can mount ext4 in rw mode if you use the other module form the kernel


    • alessiodini said,

      Hi and thank you for your time!
      AS soon as possible i will try your tip , thank you again Eduardo !! 😀

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