June 24, 2013

RHCSA practice lab

Posted in Linux at 11:19 am by alessiodini

Today i finished to work on a RHCSA practice test. It covers just some topic of the whole course!

Follow the details:

Q: What is this lab for?
A: This is useful for who thinks is ready to get the RHCSA exam

Q: What is the goal?
A: The goals are:

1) configure web server with any index ( it’s your choice )
2) configure ftp server WITHOUT anonymous login
3) configure luks encrypted fs on ‘secret’ volumegroup and /secret mount point.
4) configure additional swap ( even 50 mb is enough )
5) server must have network services available through the network ( ssh , ftp , http , etc.etc. )

Every goal must be PERSISTENT AT REBOOT

Q: Where i can get the software packages?
A: Configure a local repository with the cd/dvd image of centos.

Q: Where i can get help for this lab?
A: For the best exam simulation , DON’T LOOK ON INTERNET. I also add this: DON’T READ THE KICKSTART COMMANDS!!!! Otherwise you are not able to troubleshooting issues. I tought about it for a realistic simulation so if you read the commands u are not helping yourself.

Q: What I need for this lab?
A: I used a vmware workstation guest , CentOS 6 x86_64, with 20gb disk and 1540 memory

This is the kickstart file, have fun!!!



  1. pipirella said,

    more thanks Alessio!! 😉

  2. walid said,

    I’m sorry I’m a noob, I just want to know why you’re using CentOS while the exam is on redhat, does it make no difference?

    • alessiodini said,

      Hi! You are not a noob , don’t worry 🙂
      The only difference is the RHN part on redhat , the rest is the same!
      For RHCSA exam you don’t need to deal with RHN

  3. Dnearing said,

    It appears that the link to the kickstart is bad but very interested in checking this out

    • alessiodini said,

      Hi and tahnk you for visit my blog!
      I checked the link , it seems it works correctly.
      Which kind of issue did u face ?
      Let me know thank you!

  4. skies said,

    Hi, thanks for the post, just came across it today. i took my rhcsa exam today and had some issues with my repo and disk, i need some assistance/ clarification as i am planning of retaking the exam immediately. could you pls get back to me through the email address i used in sending this post so that i can explain more to you. or should i post it all here.
    thank you

    • alessiodini said,

      Hi ,
      thank you for visit my blog and for write me 🙂
      Just add me to gmail chat: alessio.dini@gmail.com or skype: lordsky83


  5. JJ said,

    How did you set up the lab for kvm? I can not get Virtualbox or Workstation 10 to show svm in /proc/cpuinfo. Should I forget about that part and keep working? I tried it on 3 different CPUs. Is the KVM portion important? I see you used workstation guest. Does that mean you just setup Centos 6 on Workstation 10? Sorry… many questions, but I want to get started right away.

    • alessiodini said,

      I studied on vmware guests , for RHCSA u don’t need to learn hard kvm , just take some action from console or switching between guests.
      I suggest you to take 64bit notebook and install Linux/Windows as I did for dual boot and study!
      Let me know,
      Alessio Dini

  6. Fedor said,

    Where is your practice kickstart file??

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