July 9, 2013

Linux: How to gather RAID hardware info from running system

Posted in Linux at 2:37 pm by alessiodini

In these days I’m planning a lot of Redhat systems patching.
It’s important to see when i have a system with RAID hardware or not , it’s critical for planning a best rollback strategy.
But how can i get info about raid hardware without using the BIOS?

Looking on the web i found this awesome link. It’s helping me A LOT!!
I suggest to save it or print 🙂




  1. surya said,

    hi alessiodini,

    cat /proc/driver/cciss/cciss0, this will u give you the RAID controller details and RAID Level also. But this command work only for HP Hardware.


    • alessiodini said,

      Nice tip thank you for sharing it and visit my blog!!!

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