February 6, 2014

Redhat question: can I retrieve physical system associated to a specific subscrition?

Posted in Linux tagged , , , at 10:11 am by alessiodini

Yesterday I made an analsysis about the subscriptions on Redhat Network: the customer asked me:

“Which subscriptions are expired?”
“Which Subscriptions will expire soon?”
“Which systems will be out of RHN access?”

I have studied a lot and I figured this:

Each system registered with RHN Classic method can’t be directly associated with a specific subscription. This is confirmed in this official note from Redhat.

So how is possible to retrieve these info? The solution for new systems is to register them with Subscription Manager ( a new method ) and for the old systems migrate each subscription from RHN Classic to Subscription Manager! The migration can be done with tools installed from
subscription-manager-* packages


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