May 2, 2014

Solaris 11.2 : First look about kernel zones

Posted in Solaris at 3:36 pm by alessiodini

I’m reading about the new features from Solaris 11.2

One of them is to have the “kernel zones” , so you can have multiple zones. Each zone has a separate kernel and the cool thing is that each zone can have a different patch level !!

Here there are more info about kz 🙂

Have fun!



  1. finkployd said,

    It goes further than having separate kernels… because the kernel-zone runs a kernel, it can run zones! What magiks is this?

    So, you can have a global that runs a kernel zone, that act as a global which itself runs zones.. its turtles all the way down from now on!

    • alessiodini said,

      wow! :))
      Thank you for ur info. I hope to play with them soon as possible ^^

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