June 9, 2014

Solaris 11.1 – Oracle Solaris 4.1 and LDOM

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In these days I’m working for a new customer.
I’m making two clusters inside a four LDOMs
The scenario is:

2x T4-4 HW
2x EMC VNX5k
2x Brocade Switches
2x Cisco Catalyst

I upgraded Solaris 11.1 on physical systems , with offline method ( downloading and upgrading the IPS repository with the latest SRU’s ). After I made 4x LDOM ( 2x as I/O domain using PCI end points configuration and 2x as “classical” configuration with virtual switches and virtual disks )
Inside the LDOMs I installed OSC 4.1 , preparing the first cluster for Oracle RAC and the second cluster for Bea Weblogic. I was very funny because I never made an LDOM before , especially the I/O domain ! 🙂
Another important thing I learned about quorum device fencing policy:
After the first scinstall and quorum definition , I tried to reboot one node for time and I saw that the other node was panicking due to “Reservation Conflict” error. I read on the web that this can be caused in a VNX environment , when there is an incorrect ALUA value/mode for each LUN. The first workaround could be to set prefer3 as method for global fencing.
The command I ran is: cluster set -p global_fencing=prefer3
After this I was had a stable cluster 🙂


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