November 26, 2014

Redhat on DL380P G8: Illegal OpCode error

Posted in Linux tagged , , , , , , at 2:11 pm by alessiodini

Recently I installed a RHEL 5.5 on HP DL380P G8.
I made a standard installation ( network , lvm , filesystems, packages ) and rebooting the system I got a red screen with error “illegal_opcode
I never faced this issue and I was thinking “Why??”
I was in front of the rack without my notebook and internet , so I called some colleague and they helped me looking on the web. After 1 hour I made some test without success and with a colleague we find a solution. Before the installation we made 2x volumes via raid hardware. The issue was with these 2 volumes because during the installation for some reason, Linux saved data on one disk and the GRUB on the other.
So, if u face this issue don’t panic!!

1) Boot in rescue mode and let it mount the filesystems
2) # df -h | grep boot ( remember the device and the mounted fs name )
2a) # umount -l ( in my case /mnt/sysimage/boot )
3) # chroot /mnt/sysimage
4) # mount /boot
5) # /sbin/grub-install ( in my case grub-install /dev/cciss/c0d1 )

Leave the chroot and reboot.
Good luck 🙂


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