November 25, 2015

First OpenStack Stack wrote!!

Posted in OpenStack at 2:50 pm by alessiodini

Yesterday I wrote and launched my first heat stack creating a new ec2 instance!!
I read the template and I made some experiment, creating the instance without any network. I just wanted to see and check the yaml syntax, very fun!

This is the code:

heat_template_version: 2013-05-23
description: >
Template tradotto per lanciare una istanza EC2 di Amazon
type: AWS::EC2::Instance
InstanceType: m1.small
KeyName: prova
ImageId: 3c4bf15a-c11f-411b-8018-10245206999f

I’m glad to see that I also made the KeyName and the ImageId OpenStack side, I’m working since the delivery of baremetal nodes that now are the overcloud :))



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