May 3, 2016

Openstack Kilo: Which installation method to choose?

Posted in OpenStack at 10:04 am by alessiodini

I know there are three Openstack installation methods:

– Packstack
– TripleO
– Foreman

In my experience I used both Packstack and TripleO. I saw huge differences between them:

– very easy to deal with
– it requires each node is already installed with RHEL ( I was curious to see it in action with Vmware virtual machines and it worked greatly too! )
– very easy when u upgrade your infrastructure ( adding more controllers , computes , … )
– you can have different hardware resources for the same role ( example: you can have 2x different hw compute resources acting as a compute node )
– The systems u want to use don’t need IPMI interface
– useful for PoC and testing purposes

– you can’t drive actions to Ceph Storage nodes ( packstack does not know about Ceph )
– during the infrastracture setup u can’t drive extra actions on any node

– you use YAML/JSON templates and DO EVERYTHING U NEED OR WANT!!!
– during the infrastructure setup u can install and configure Ceph Storage Nodes too ( also the Ceph cluster )
– You have Undercloud and Overcloud , in Undercloud you easy control Ceph nodes. For example in my case I have this

– Useful for complex infrastructure installations

– not easy to deal with during infrastructure upgrade ( as I said in my experience )
– You can have only 1 profile for each role , so you can’t mix different hw resources for the same role ( this is due to the big final command , example:

openstack overcloud deploy –templates ~/templates/my-overcloud -e /home/stack/templates/my-overcloud/environments/network-isolation.yaml -e /home/stack/templates/network-environment.yaml –control-scale 1 –compute-scale 2 –ceph-storage-scale 1 –control-flavor Flavor-8cpu-x86_64-16384MB-135GB –compute-flavor Flavor-16cpu-x86_64-49152MB-135GB –ceph-storage-flavor cephdell –ntp-server –neutron-network-type vxlan –neutron-tunnel-types vxlan

I never used Foreman , but I would like in the future 🙂


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