Openshift 3.1: Auto scaling feature is working!!

Today I’m so happy!
After lot of problems about metric,heapster,resource limits and pods I was finally able to test and watch autoscaling working in my Openshift!!
I’m so happy because I began with Openshift from 0, I didn’t know the architecture or the commands, nothing!!

Anyway, before I had one pod running and stressing it with ab tool I got:

{horizontal-pod-autoscaler } SuccessfulRescale New size: 10; reason: CPU utilization above target
( I configured a hpa with 10% CPU target utilization, and with ab I almost reached 100% CPU )

The number of pods changed from 1 to 10 during the time.

After I stopped ab test and I got:

{horizontal-pod-autoscaler } Normal SuccessfulRescale New size: 1; reason: All metrics below target

The number of pods changed from 10 to 1.

So funnyyyyy 😀