August 9, 2016

Redhat Openstack Kilo: How to backup the Overcloud objects?

Posted in OpenStack at 11:25 am by alessiodini

The last week me and a collegue began to plan an Openstack hardware upgrade ( customer needs to increase compute nodes and ceph storage nodes ).
I immediatelly asked: what about if something goes wrong during the upgrade? Can we backup the overcloud objects? ( I mean routers, networks, subnets, definitions and all other objects )
Ceph side I tested RBD backup and restore procedure, it’s easy. What about overcloud?
Looking in the web I did not found anything, just the Undercloud official backup procedure.
For this purpose I made a SR to Redhat and they said me that there is still not an official overcloud backup procedure!!! They are still writing about it.
This is no good for us, so I began to study something and I think we can achieve this goal with:

1) Python scripts

I think the first one should be the best but I still don’t know Python. I know that is very important to learn it and I will soon. But basically now we have low time so I try to study the REST APIs.
Let’s see what will happen 🙂



  1. tinjourney said,


    So did you manage to backup your OpenStack object ? Do you have any script to share ?
    Also do you have any link to the SR you send to redhat regarding their documentation.



    • alessiodini said,

      Hello Tin!
      I was not able to backup my Openstack environment because Redhat said me to wait more, more and more because they were developing some feature about it.
      I began to study the API but later we did not take any backup as planned before.
      I can’t give you the SR number because in the meanwhile I changed IT company.
      Sorry for this, I would like to give you more info than these !
      Alessio Dini

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