April 4, 2017

RHEV and RHOSP Integration

Posted in Redhat Enterprise Virtualization at 4:09 pm by alessiodini

I’m working about RHEV 4.0.7 and Redhat Openstack 10 Integration.
My goals are:

1) To use external network from neutron connecting vms running on RHEV.
2) To apply openstack security groups rules to RHEV vms.

Actually it’s quite hard to reach each goal because I’m facing a lot of bugs.
Today I opened a couple of bugzilla:


but there are more active bugs fixed in 4.1 or 4.2 release.
I was able to partially integrate RHV and RHOSP using RHEV 4.0.7 – RHOSP 7 and 8 but I faced more bugs and I’m trying to use the RHOSP 10 version.

When I will reach my goals I will share any detail about this task!


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