May 9, 2017

RHEV: How to connect to guest’s console without administration portal

Posted in Redhat Enterprise Virtualization at 11:26 am by alessiodini

Today I’m playing a bit with RHEV, and I was curious about how to connect to guests console without using web portal.
Looking on the web I found this link and it’s useful but at same time not that clear.

So, following the ticket method I was able to use the console without rhevm:

1) You need a system where u can use X. In my case I have a vm called
2) on
# scp root@hypervisor:/etc/pki/vdsm/libvirt-spice/ca-cert.pem /root/ca-cert.pem
# yum install -y virt-viewer

3) on the hypervisor where the vm is running:
# vdsClient -s 0 list table | awk '{ print $1,$3 }'
b0718db7-308c-4631-8a34-dee367c984cf centos2
11329426-2b7e-4b02-a1de-534a745d7df5 centos1

# openssl x509 -in /etc/pki/vdsm/libvirt-spice/server-cert.pem -noout -text | grep Subject:
Subject: O=ads.local,

# vdsClient -s 0 setVmTicket UUID PASSWORD VALIDITY
# vdsClient -s 0 setVmTicket b0718db7-308c-4631-8a34-dee367c984cf pippo 3600

4) Verify under RHEV which logical network is configured as “display”
5) Check on the hypervisor the port to connect with:

# ps -ef | grep centos2 ( look for tls-port argument )
-spice tls-port=5901,addr=

From I run:
# remote-viewer --spice-ca-file=ca-cert.pem spice:// --spice-host-subject="O=ads.local," <– these fields are from the step 3!

The password is pippo, have fun!


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