May 31, 2018

RHEV vProtect backup

Posted in Redhat Enterprise Virtualization at 10:43 am by alessiodini

Today I read on linkedin about this project letting customers to have a software backup planned and designed for RHV/Ovirt platfoms.

From the description I read:

#vProtect 3.4+ (code named MARS) delivers even more for the efficient and scalable RHV backup and recovery. Now vProtect also supports RHV/oVirt API v4 and introduces a new backup mode, eliminating the need to use export storage domain.

Marcin Kubacki, Storware and @Jacek Skórzyński, Red Hat will discussed in details:

– RHV backup/restore via export storage domain
– RHV backup/restore with VM proxy/disk attachment
– Mount backups and file-level restore
– Integration with 3rd party backup providers, such as IBM #SpectrumProtect, Dell EMC #NetWorker, #DataDomain, Veritas Technologies LLC #NetBackup and Amazon Web Services S3
– Orchestration with Open #API

Can’t wait to play with vProtect!


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