Fedora installation on my new laptop!

Two days ago I received a new laptop from Extraordy.
It’s a DELL Inspiron 7386 with a valid processor,memory and nvme disk.

I initially was not able to install Fedora because the system did not see the disk. Looking to the BIOS/UEFI I changed a SATA parameter, from RAID to AHCI.
The boot after I succesfully installed Fedora.
This is how actually the system recognizes the disk:

[root@asuka ~]# fdisk -l
Disk /dev/nvme0n1: 238.5 GiB, 256060514304 bytes, 500118192 sectors
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disklabel type: gpt
Disk identifier: 326AD1E9-8032-4E34-B4F3-3FA0CF174EE7

Device Start End Sectors Size Type
/dev/nvme0n1p1 2048 411647 409600 200M EFI System
/dev/nvme0n1p2 411648 2508799 2097152 1G Linux filesystem
/dev/nvme0n1p3 2508800 499017727 496508928 236.8G Linux LVM