First day without a job :)

The last week I worked on a RHEL 8 training course, one of the firsts in Italy. It was very funny to speak and to share about the news from 8 release. Anyway the last week was my last one in Extraordy, and I felt a bit sad, because I resigned from a company where each day I learned a lot of useful info about cloud/devops/sysadm.
What now? I’m planning job interviews starting from today and at same time I need a new hardware for study and for my experiments, that’s why I’m thinking to buy this mini-pc

What I’m looking for? Something useful for:

– study all about RHEL8 ( podman, stratis, etc.etc. )
– study all about RHV/Satellite/Ansible
– study all about Openstack ( RDO & Redhat )
– study all containers ( kubernetes & Openshift – NFV )

I’d also like to study and to compare products from competitors like Vmware but unfortunately I don’t have the licenses 😦

Let’s see what will happen for the job.. I’m very curious!!