HP-UX: how to add a new disk

I’m studying a lot HP-UX in these days. I learned how to configure a new disk ( this works with legacy or persisten DSF ):

1) run ioscan -fnC disk
2) check the disk entry and the state ( must be claimed, like the follow lines )
disk 2 10/0/15/1.6.0 sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE IBM DDRS-39130LC
/dev/dsk/c3t6d0 /dev/rdsk/c3t6d0

3) Run insf -v for special file creation
4) Optionally , you can use diskinfo for gater some info about it

That’s all! 🙂

HP-UX: how to get MAC & network adapter association

In my new job, i’m playing a little bit with HP-UX. I want to learn much as possible about it! 😉
In these days i have a 10.20 version ( very old version) where i can test some basic command. Today i’m learning about network via SAM/lan* commands. My first question was: “How get the MAC address for every adapter? It’s possible to have ordererd info like & ” ?
Looking into lanscan man page i found two interesting options:

# lanscan -i -a
0x001083352E8C lan0

Done! Network interface lan0 has MAC address 00:10:83:35:2E:8C

cool 😉