Got Certified!!!

The last week I took the Redhat Jboss 6.3 EAP course , and the last day of the week I had the exam.
The training was very interesting and at same time not that easy for me , because it was the first time to deal with Java concepts and like JNDI , JDBC, Datasource , jar , war, etc.etc.
I was impressed about the traineer , his name is Gianni Salinetti and he works for Extraordy company , a Redhat partner company. He was very patience with me , especially with my hundred of questions.
I was able to pass the exam especially due to his patience explaining and repeating all needed about Jboss during the training.
Thank you Gianni 🙂

Jboss: how to change interfaces listening

In these days I’m working a lot with Openstack , heat , and a bit of applications/middleware.
Today I installed and configured a jboss instance ( 6.3 ) on a private cloud , and I faced a bit of issues for relationships between the floating ip and the network interfaces seen through jboss.
I was not able to start manually jboss with -b pointing to the floating ip. I resolved starting jboss with address. For this purpose i modified the standalone.xml file ( I know this is noob but I need to learn it more ) : to
jboss.bind.address: to jboss.bind.address:
jboss.bind.address.unsecure: to jboss.bind.address.unsecure: