Retrieving client attributes with nsradmin

Altough i can use nwadmin as graphical interface , i can use nsradmin command for see the informations about a specific Legato client. This is an example:

nsradmin> . type:NSR client;name:satr01
Current query set
nsradmin> print
type: NSR client;
name: satrdm01;
server: backup_c3;
Save operations: ;
archive services: Disabled;
schedule: full Sabato;
browse policy: tre settimane;
retention policy: tre settimane;
directive: ;
group: WEB_FS_07;
save set: /satr, /opt/autotree;
remote access: root@satr01, lgtoadm@satr_al,
remote user: ;
password: ;
backup command: savepnpc;
application information: ;
ndmp: No;
aliases: satr01;
archive users: ;
storage nodes: nsrserverhost;
clone storage nodes: ;
client OS type: HpOS;
CPUs: 0;
NetWorker version: 7.2.1.Build.311;
enabler in use: Yes;
licensed applications: ;
licensed PSPs: ;


Installation of Legato 7.2.1 client on HP-UX

The installation of Legato client on HP-UX is simple:

system01:/tmp/legato# ls
system01:/tmp/legato# gunzip *
system01:/tmp/legato# swinstall -x mount_all_filesystems=false -s /tmp/legato/nw721_hpux11_64.pkg \
> NetWorker.nwr-cbin NetWorker.nwr-man

(for storage node installation must be added NetWorker.nwr-obin component)

======= 11/14/08 14:45:28 MET BEGIN swinstall SESSION
(non-interactive) (jobid=system01-0067)

* Session started for user “root@system01”.

* Beginning Selection
* Target connection succeeded for “system01:/”.
* Source: /tmp/legato/nw721_hpux11_64.pkg
* Targets: system01:/
* Software selections:
* Selection succeeded.

* Beginning Analysis and Execution
* Session selections have been saved in the file
* “system01:/”: There will be no attempt to mount filesystems
that appear in the filesystem table.
* The execution phase succeeded for “system01:/”.
* Analysis and Execution succeeded.

NOTE: More information may be found in the agent logfile using the
command “swjob -a log system01-0067 @ system01:/”.

======= 11/14/05 14:46:26 MET END swinstall SESSION (non-interactive)

system01:/tmp/legato# swlist | grep -i networker
NetWorker 7.2.1.Build.311 NetWorker for HP-UX 11.XX (64-bit)

Run manually backup with savegrp

It’s possible run a backup manually from backup server with savegrp command:

(with parallelism specified)

savegrp -vvv -l full -c -N 4

(without parallelism specified)

savegrp -vvv -l full -c

the “-vvv” option returns a very long details during backup

Testing network performance backup

On a new Legato ( 7.2.* ) client if i want make a backup test for see the network performance i can use the bigasm directive:

1) the pool entity must be created
2) the group entity must be created
3) the client entity must be created

On the client i create a .nsr file that contains:

bigasm -S5000M : testfile

Then i create an empty testfile:

system01# touch $PWD/tesfile

Now i configure the schedule of the client as “always full”
After configured bigasm , when i launch the backup , i can see a pure network throughput