RHCA and blog a bit delayed

Actually I’m working and studying as hell for my job, I have very very low free time.
My RHCA goal ( planned for last December ) is delayed, and unfortunately same for my blog posts 😦
In one month I should have enough free time for write many posts ( I want to share everything I’m learning 😀 ) and I will begin to study about Kubernetes/Openshift, I’d like to take the Openshift certification. Can’t wait for it !!


Got Certified as Redhat Official Instructor!!

In December I went in Stuttgart for a 3 days training course in Redhat.
I had the pleasure to meet and to learn from a lot of interesting people coming from any part of the world ( Egypt, Austria, Dubai, Russia, Poland, … )
The last day I worked for the exam and I passed it, taking the RHCI ( Redhat Certified Instructor ) certification!
Now I’m an official Redhat instructor for cloud/devops/platform training courses, I’m very satisfied about this role!

Let’s rock this 2019 😀

IBM acquired Redhat

Yesterday night I got the news, Redhat has been acquired by IBM. I still can’t believe it.
I already saw what happened when ORACLE acquired Sun Microsystems and I hope to not see someting like that again.
Starting from the 1 November I’ll begin to work for Extraordy and I’m a bit worried. Jboss and GFS could die but what about the opensource? Redhat is one of the biggest opensource players in the world.
What’ll happen? It seems for 1 year nothing should change and later Redhat should be autonomous. Let’s see.
In the meanwhile I need 1 exam to reach the RHCA level and I will work for it. After I’d like to learn GCP or AWS, or both.
Honestly I begin to think that IT it’s too dynamic, you work hard planning a path and in a short time everything changed.

Meet a Sun Microsystems guy in the gym

Yesterday I was training in the gym when I saw a guy with a Sun Microsystems t-shirt. I tought “WHAT, I must ask him about that t-shirt”.
I spoke with him and I knew he was an ex-technician in Sun Microsystems Italy. I asked his name and after I said “we spoke via mails and tickets”. In that moment I realized I had in front of me one of the most famous Solaris italian guru!!! I wanted to ask him multiple questions but I did not want to bother him 🙂
Unfortunately he left Oracle for another company, we spoke a bit about Solaris old times. How nostalgic!!

Second blog opened!

Information Technology is one of my greater passions. Another one is to travel.. when I combine traveling and working together I feel myself excited like a child 🙂
From August I’m working on a second blog, http://www.enjoythestory.blog
My idea is to collect travel experiences and to share them between the users. I love to share vacations details and to read about them from other people.
If you like to share, let me know about it! I will create an account for you and you will publish everything u want. I need help because I will not have such a free time during the new job.
I’m waiting you!

Changing company

Starting from November I’ll work for a new company. Why I’m leaving Sinergy?
Basically I think it’s a good, solid company, but I met a big opportunity and I did not want to miss it.

I’m talking about Extraordy
Extraordy is the only company in Italy that works with Redhat official training and certifications. I’m talking about the opportunity to:

– work as offical Redhat trainer for platform/cloud/devops paths ( first I have to train myself as a trainer and I need to pass two exams, the goal is to reach the RHCI – Red Hat Certified Instructor certification )
– complete my RHCA path ( in Extraordy most of the people are RHCA ! )
– work and to grow as presale/architect and learning much possible about those roles
– work as consultant ( I can’t miss the technical tasks 😀 )
– research new technologies/products

At the same time I will travel around several cities in Italy, and I hope to work abroad, it would be a dream! I’d like it even if it is going to be just for a few days 🙂

New job!

From yesterday I’m working for Sinergy company as Solution Architect.
I’m so glad about this new adventure!! 😀
I hope to help much as possible and to grow learning a lot of architectures design.
At same time my goal is still to reach RHCA Cloud level.

Let’s work hard!!