First day at new job!

Today I began to work as Cloud Architect in Lottomatica/IGT Company. I’m not working more as consultant, this is a bit strange for me, I have to think about a new idea as a job.
But I’m very very happy because I will work with Vmware/Redhat Products/AWS/Hyperconvergence, can’t wait for it!!

From June I wanted to wait more time before to choose the next job. I was lucky enough choosing a job between multiple offers. Lottomatica is a dynamic company and it’s what I was looking for. Here I also hope to travel abroad and to improve my poor english.

In the future I will write new posts about vmware tasks, I hope to share useful tips and notes 🙂


First day without a job :)

The last week I worked on a RHEL 8 training course, one of the firsts in Italy. It was very funny to speak and to share about the news from 8 release. Anyway the last week was my last one in Extraordy, and I felt a bit sad, because I resigned from a company where each day I learned a lot of useful info about cloud/devops/sysadm.
What now? I’m planning job interviews starting from today and at same time I need a new hardware for study and for my experiments, that’s why I’m thinking to buy this mini-pc

What I’m looking for? Something useful for:

– study all about RHEL8 ( podman, stratis, etc.etc. )
– study all about RHV/Satellite/Ansible
– study all about Openstack ( RDO & Redhat )
– study all containers ( kubernetes & Openshift – NFV )

I’d also like to study and to compare products from competitors like Vmware but unfortunately I don’t have the licenses 😦

Let’s see what will happen for the job.. I’m very curious!!

I’m back! And I’m leaving Extraordy company…

Yesterday I resigned from Extraordy company, after few months. I’m very sad but I could not continue this way.
I began to work for Extraordy in November and from November I spent all my free time for studying and work for Red Hat certification exams. Of course I learned a lot of things but I saw that I could not do anything than study. I did not have free time for this blog, for drive my moto, for the gym, for friends and for my girlfriend.
How did it happen? Basically as instructor I have to study new training courses and of course, new releases of products ( OSP 13, RHEL 8, etc.etc. ) and at same time I have to work for the new certifications. I need my time to study each argument, to take a good practice and finally to teach it. But my times are longer than needed that’s why I used all my free time, trying to match the training courses table. I did not speak with another company, for the first time in my life I resigned from a company before to sign a contract with a new one. From the 17 June I will be out from Extraordy, so let’see what will happen!
In the meanwhile I want to work on two exams: Ansible and Openshift, but without to hurry, with the right time.

Can’t wait to write here again with a lot of cool stuff 🙂

RHCA and blog a bit delayed

Actually I’m working and studying as hell for my job, I have very very low free time.
My RHCA goal ( planned for last December ) is delayed, and unfortunately same for my blog posts 😦
In one month I should have enough free time for write many posts ( I want to share everything I’m learning 😀 ) and I will begin to study about Kubernetes/Openshift, I’d like to take the Openshift certification. Can’t wait for it !!

Got Certified as Redhat Official Instructor!!

In December I went in Stuttgart for a 3 days training course in Redhat.
I had the pleasure to meet and to learn from a lot of interesting people coming from any part of the world ( Egypt, Austria, Dubai, Russia, Poland, … )
The last day I worked for the exam and I passed it, taking the RHCI ( Redhat Certified Instructor ) certification!
Now I’m an official Redhat instructor for cloud/devops/platform training courses, I’m very satisfied about this role!

Let’s rock this 2019 😀

IBM acquired Redhat

Yesterday night I got the news, Redhat has been acquired by IBM. I still can’t believe it.
I already saw what happened when ORACLE acquired Sun Microsystems and I hope to not see someting like that again.
Starting from the 1 November I’ll begin to work for Extraordy and I’m a bit worried. Jboss and GFS could die but what about the opensource? Redhat is one of the biggest opensource players in the world.
What’ll happen? It seems for 1 year nothing should change and later Redhat should be autonomous. Let’s see.
In the meanwhile I need 1 exam to reach the RHCA level and I will work for it. After I’d like to learn GCP or AWS, or both.
Honestly I begin to think that IT it’s too dynamic, you work hard planning a path and in a short time everything changed.

Meet a Sun Microsystems guy in the gym

Yesterday I was training in the gym when I saw a guy with a Sun Microsystems t-shirt. I tought “WHAT, I must ask him about that t-shirt”.
I spoke with him and I knew he was an ex-technician in Sun Microsystems Italy. I asked his name and after I said “we spoke via mails and tickets”. In that moment I realized I had in front of me one of the most famous Solaris italian guru!!! I wanted to ask him multiple questions but I did not want to bother him 🙂
Unfortunately he left Oracle for another company, we spoke a bit about Solaris old times. How nostalgic!!