November 17, 2017

New job!

Posted in News at 11:23 am by alessiodini

From yesterday I’m working for Sinergy company as Solution Architect.
I’m so glad about this new adventure!! 😀
I hope to help much as possible and to grow learning a lot of architectures design.
At same time my goal is still to reach RHCA Cloud level.

Let’s work hard!!


September 4, 2017

Changing Company!

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Today I resigned from my company, Assembly Data System.
Starting from 16 November I will begin to work for Sinergy and I hope to learn everything possible about storage, mixing for any project: operating systems, cloud and also storage knowledge!
At same time I’m studying for taking the next Redhat exam, I’m still planning to get RHCA level.
Let’s study more harder!! 😀

November 29, 2016

Bought Raspberry Pi3!!!

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For the black Friday I had two presents for me:

1x Raspberry Pi3
1x external 2TB Hard Disk

I was so curious to play with Raspberry and after only 2 days I can say:
“Why did I buy it now and not before??” I falled in love for it 😀

It’s AMAZING, I will work about media center, backup server and much much more..

Followin some picture took during first unbox and boot!