Oracle 11g installation on ESXi/SLES 11 packages issue

In these days i’m working on a ESXi/SLES 11 Cluster/SAP infrastructure.

When we were installing Oracle , we saw that some package was missing … I expected this.
Looking for these packages I did not found any of them and I was really surprised about that.
I looked on the web and I found that this is a known issue.
When Oracle installation begins , on a physical system it correctly determines the operating system ( in that case SLES 11 ). In ESXi/virtual environment something goes wrong and it treats the system as Oracle Enterprise Linux ( bug ? ).
That’s why i was not able to look for that packages! They are for OEL , not for SLES 🙂

We solved this issue changing a parameter in a configuration file.
In our case we were installing database , so we had: