SETI program joined!!

I love to know and dig more about space, planets
That’s why I joined SET@home program giving a bit of my little computational resources!
After installed the agent I selected which program should receive my worked data.
Now as a screensaver I have this, so cool!!
I really would like to work in some space agency, would be lovely !! ❤

Korn Shell: no basic pattern matching operators !!

Today i was playing with HP-UX. I would try to write a simple ksh script ( trying korn shell syntax ) but i had a big problems with regular expressions. I tried to use the classic ‘^’ or ‘$’ operator , without success. After some time i looked on the web ( i tought ksh needed some different syntax ) but i found this:

“A few egrep and awk regexp operators do not have equivalents in the Korn shell. These include:

The beginning- and end-of-line operators ^ and $.

The beginning- and end-of-word operators \.

Repeat factors like \{N \} and \{M , N \}.

The first two pairs are hardly necessary, since the Korn shell doesn’t normally operate on text files and does parse strings into words itself.

o_O really!?
bad notice ;(

Kindle acquired!

Today i bought the kindle touch!
I have to wait some day before i can use it 😉
I want to read books and especially study all about my future job role ( VxVM, HP-UX, MC ServiceGuard, …, Solaris 11 )

Solaris: how to script VxVm disk & LUN removal

Today i have to delete multiple VxVm disks and LUNs from a six-node cluster.
For every disk i have to do:

1) Diskgroup check ( the disk must be without any dg )
2) Disk across the nodes ( the disk must be the same on all nodes )
3) Disk removal ( vxdisk rm )
4) LUN removal ( luxadm -e offline /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s2 )
5) After the removals i can run devfsadm -Cv

I’m working on a mission critical environment so i choose to script just steps 3 and 4.
The script is very poor ( i wrote it in a couple of minutes ) , and it works only on 1 disk per time cos the customer wants to verify this task. The script it’s this

it works 🙂

# perl xp24k1_060f
# vxdisk list xp24k1_060f
VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-558 Disk xp24k1_060f: Disk not in the configuration

after i verified just one of 8 active paths for that LUN:

# format c16t50060E801525D316d15s2
No disks found!

Solaris performance(3): how to gather performance data from CPU , memory , disks and network in a row!

I’m writing a monster script useful for gather performance data. It’s based on multiple collectors i wrote for data collecting and plotting.

I actually wrote the main, . This is a screenshot.

I’m very funny to write this after months reading about Solaris internal , performance , dtrace !

My goal is to get data from every Solaris consumer and make graphic reports, as i did in the past, playing like that

Using EOF in a shell script

Today i was writing a shell script. During this task i encountered a problem with EOF ( End Of File ).
After i found the cause and i’m still thinking to this , i did not know this info !
Follow an example here:

./ line 11: syntax error: unexpected end of file
root@server1 #

After i tried to don’t indent EOF… i did not know which was the cause of this problem.
So , the script changed in this:

root@server1 # ./
this is a test
root@server1 #

It worked !

Added 1line repository!!

Today i moved my source codes from the old website to google documents format.
This time i did a repository , called 1line !
i want to put there all the commands or utility written in 1 line 🙂

This repository is available here