How to use nested virtualization under Vmware ESX 5.5

Do you wanna play using RHEV inside ESX?
You have to verify a couple of things:

1) To enable promiscous mode ( promiscous mode is explained here )
2) To enable nested virtualization. In my case selecting option “Use Intel VT-X/AMD-V” was not enough.
I had to manually edit the vmx file adding a couple of options. You have to:

– stop the vms
– go to “Datastore and Datastore Clusters” section
– browse the datastore where you have your vms files.
– download the .vmx file
– append the options: vhv.enable = “TRUE” and vmx.allowNested = “TRUE”
– upload the .vmx file overwriting the old one
– start the vm
– connect to vm and check for /proc/cpuinfo lines

In my case I’m playing with RHEV under ESX, and after this procedure, when I ran hosted-engine –deploy I can see:

[ INFO ] Hardware supports virtualization

Nice! 😀

Got Certified!!!

Today i passed VMware exam!!
I got certified as: VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 😉
The exam was not easy , i passed it with 433 score where the base was 300 !

VMware 5.0: how to install a first ESXi (1)

Today i’m playing and studying for take VCP 5.0 certification.
During my tasks i did some slide where i shared the first part about to install an VMware 5.0 ESXi host.
Here you can see the presentation… any feedback would be good :))

Next time i will share the installation ! 😀

First thoughts about VMware 5

I’m taking a course on VMware VCP 5.0. I followed just a couple of days and soon i will follow the last four days ( half June ). During the “pause” i have the access to the VMware labs!! I have to create a new virtual infrastructure from the beginning , i just have a first ESX already installed.
Anyway i want use this chance for learn much as possible about VMware and share my tasks/experiments on this blog !
Soon i will publish some basic task about VMware vSphere 5.0
I hope to get the certification after the course and work on it extending y know-how 😀

The first two days we saw:
– virtualization concepts
– new features with VMware 5.0
– VMware components overview
– guest’s file configuration
– datastores
– virtual switches
– vCenter Server ( as virtual appliance and application hosted on a system )
– virtual machine creation

With the lab i have to create a new infrastructure with:
– Openfiler Linux as storage/NAS/NFS/Iscsi server
– vCenter Server
– 2x ESXi
– at least one guest
– network virtual switches

I’m so excited 😀