November 2, 2016

SETI program joined!!

Posted in Utility at 1:39 pm by alessiodini

I love to know and dig more about space, planets
That’s why I joined SET@home program giving a bit of my little computational resources!
After installed the agent I selected which program should receive my worked data.
Now as a screensaver I have this, so cool!!
I really would like to work in some space agency, would be lovely !! ❤

October 21, 2016

Storage Course taken!

Posted in Storage at 1:20 pm by alessiodini

In these days I took an interesting training course about Huwaei OceanStor 5800 storage.
It’s the first time I’m on storage side instead of host side and it’s so funny 😀

Can’t wait for installations with my colleagues!!
Here I was simulating LUN copy between two different boxes 😀

September 6, 2016

ESX 5.5 and Ovirt 4.0.3 v2v

Posted in Redhat Enterprise Virtualization at 8:45 pm by alessiodini

In these days I’m working for a customer moving via v2v ESX guests to Ovirt infrastructure.
I installed and configured the Ovirt 4.0.3 release which is one week old!
I already opened a couple of bugzilla and I think they will be three soon.. I want first to repeat some test watching how to deal with a particular issue. I can’t browse ESX machine from Ovirt dashboard, the VDSM is unable to get some vmdk size and browsing does not work. Actually I’m only migrating guests with virt-v2v command, it’s pretty good!!!

I’m also playing a bit with virsh command, connecting via vpx to Vcenter and via esx directly to ESX physical host. Following an example:

Welcome to virsh, the virtualization interactive terminal.

Type: ‘help’ for help with commands
‘quit’ to quit

virsh # list
Id Name State
29205 xyz running
31760 AdsAnalyzer running
32412 DB_GRA running
33647 WebSite running
34915 Debian_8 running
34918 Ospita running
34928 OpenSuse running
34930 vm04 running
34935 vm01 running

I’m so funny!! 😀

August 9, 2016

Redhat Openstack Kilo: How to backup the Overcloud objects?

Posted in OpenStack at 11:25 am by alessiodini

The last week me and a collegue began to plan an Openstack hardware upgrade ( customer needs to increase compute nodes and ceph storage nodes ).
I immediatelly asked: what about if something goes wrong during the upgrade? Can we backup the overcloud objects? ( I mean routers, networks, subnets, definitions and all other objects )
Ceph side I tested RBD backup and restore procedure, it’s easy. What about overcloud?
Looking in the web I did not found anything, just the Undercloud official backup procedure.
For this purpose I made a SR to Redhat and they said me that there is still not an official overcloud backup procedure!!! They are still writing about it.
This is no good for us, so I began to study something and I think we can achieve this goal with:

1) Python scripts

I think the first one should be the best but I still don’t know Python. I know that is very important to learn it and I will soon. But basically now we have low time so I try to study the REST APIs.
Let’s see what will happen 🙂

August 4, 2016

Openbaton 2 Installation

Posted in Linux at 12:10 pm by alessiodini

Today I installed with a collegue a basic openbaton environment on a Ubuntu 16 server. Customer needs an NFV ETSI Orchestration environment. I began the task installing and configuring the basic modules, it was very easy and funny!

This is the dashboard 🙂

July 27, 2016

xsos: Great Redhat utility !!

Posted in Redhat Enterprise Virtualization at 9:45 am by alessiodini

In these days I’m studying Openshift resource quotas based on millicores units.
Digging the CPU info on my systems I came across a great tool called xsos. It’s FANTASTIC!!!
With this tool you can get in short time any info about cpu,memory,network, and much much more!!
Here you can see some example about it. Have fun!!

July 25, 2016

Openshift 3.1: Auto scaling feature is working!!

Posted in Openshift at 9:47 am by alessiodini

Today I’m so happy!
After lot of problems about metric,heapster,resource limits and pods I was finally able to test and watch autoscaling working in my Openshift!!
I’m so happy because I began with Openshift from 0, I didn’t know the architecture or the commands, nothing!!

Anyway, before I had one pod running and stressing it with ab tool I got:

{horizontal-pod-autoscaler } SuccessfulRescale New size: 10; reason: CPU utilization above target
( I configured a hpa with 10% CPU target utilization, and with ab I almost reached 100% CPU )

The number of pods changed from 1 to 10 during the time.

After I stopped ab test and I got:

{horizontal-pod-autoscaler } Normal SuccessfulRescale New size: 1; reason: All metrics below target

The number of pods changed from 10 to 1.

So funnyyyyy 😀

July 15, 2016

Oracle S7 Processor!

Posted in Solaris at 9:06 am by alessiodini

Yesterday I have been in Oracle, following a workshop about new Oracle S7 and Minicluster systems.
I was impressed about the security focus from Oracle about each technical scenario ( Databse , Analytics , OLTP , … ) and the performances! They used multiple open source benchmark tools , and currently they have a super power compared to actual more powerful 86 processors.

Can’t wait about to work on these new systems !!:D

July 11, 2016

Got Certified!!!

Posted in Jboss at 8:50 am by alessiodini

The last week I took the Redhat Jboss 6.3 EAP course , and the last day of the week I had the exam.
The training was very interesting and at same time not that easy for me , because it was the first time to deal with Java concepts and like JNDI , JDBC, Datasource , jar , war, etc.etc.
I was impressed about the traineer , his name is Gianni Salinetti and he works for Extraordy company , a Redhat partner company. He was very patience with me , especially with my hundred of questions.
I was able to pass the exam especially due to his patience explaining and repeating all needed about Jboss during the training.
Thank you Gianni 🙂

June 21, 2016

Openshift 3: Tag v1.2.0-rc1-13-g2e62fab bug

Posted in Openshift at 10:36 am by alessiodini

In these days I’m building and configuring Openshift 3 on top of OpenStack Kilo.
After the installation ( my scenario has 1x master , 1x infra , 2x nodes ) I’m not able to create router and registry services.

The error messages is:

failed to "StartContainer" for "POD" with ErrImagePull: "Tag v1.2.0-rc1-13-g2e62fab not found in repository

This is due to tag -rc1-13-g2e62fab that comes from oc version:

[root@my-openshift-origin-master-0 centos]# oc version
oc v1.2.0-rc1-13-g2e62fab
kubernetes v1.2.0-36-g4a3f9c5

Don’t panic!! The issue comes from project and after some analysis and ask questions to internet I founded how to solve this issue.

Following the steps:

1) Edit master-config.yaml and node-config.yaml on master node , changing the line:

format: openshift/origin-${component}:${version}
format: openshift/origin-${component}:v1.2.0

2) Edit node-config.yaml on each node repeating the step 1

3) On master node restart both components , in my case I run systemctl restart origin-master.service origin-node.service

4) Create the registry using the commands:
echo '{"kind":"ServiceAccount","apiVersion":"v1","metadata":{"name":"registry"}}' | oc create -f -
oadm registry --credentials=/etc/origin/master/openshift-registry.kubeconfig --service-account=registry

5) Create the router using the commands:
echo '{"kind":"ServiceAccount","apiVersion":"v1","metadata":{"name":"router"}}' | oc create -f -
oadm router --credentials=/etc/origin/master/openshift-router.kubeconfig --images=openshift/origin-haproxy-router:v1.2.0 --service-account=router

Now you have the basic objects for deploy and expose any container u need!! 😀

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