October 3, 2017

Satellite and Vmware Sync

Posted in Redhat Satellite at 9:20 am by alessiodini

In these days I’m working a lot on Vmware 6x environment and Redhat Satellite 6.2.9

Both products must be in “sync”, otherwise customer could face subscription issues. What I’m speaking about?

For example:
[Time 0]
– A single farm with 4 esx host is added to Satellite.
– Sattelite side, all hosts are licensed with “Virtual Datacanter” subscription

[Time 1]
– ESX side one hypervisor is left out from the cluster and dismissed.
– Satellite still has 4 hosts licensed.
In this scenario the products are not in sync; for this purpose I wrote a perl script called vsync.pl.
This script will contact Satellite and Vmware obtaining both sides the ESX list and comparing them obtaining any difference. The check is double: Vmware->Satellite and Satellite->Vmware

I’m thinking about to open a GIT account uploading the script there.
This is an extract of the last run log:

Connection to host lxrp-capsule-pippo.it established
Capsule lxrp-capsule-pippo.it contains 1 farm.
ATTENTION: vcpodpippo.it is not IP address format, , the powercli query could face some error!!

Processing vcpodpippo.it
ESX podesx15.pippo.it is missing on Satellite
ESX podesx16.pippo.it is missing on Satellite
ESX podesx17.pippo.it is missing on Satellite


From the output is clear the current condition: Satellite knows three hosts less than Vmware actually has.
This is due because during the time, Vmware side the hosts number was increased and no one said anything about this task.

I was so funny to develop thi script! 😀


June 1, 2017

Redhat Satellite 6.2.9

Posted in Redhat Satellite at 8:10 am by alessiodini

From the last week I’m working for a new customer. Actually I mainly work on Redhat Satellite 6.2, Redhat Cluster and I hope to also work with more and more things!
I have the opportunity to work in an english speaking environment, I finally can improve my poor english!!!
Soon I will share some satellite note and procedure 😀